70 and 80 hour Altar Pure paraffin disposable containers

Item # Description Amount
M8012C 80 Hour Clear Container 12 per case $91.00
M8024C 80 Hour Clear Container 24 per case $166.00
7012CS 70 Hour Metal Container 12 per case $84.00
7024CS 70 Hour Metal Container 24 per case $149.00


99.4% PURE PARAFFIN for use with Lux Mundi and other refillable candles.

All Candle fuels are not alike
For over thirty years, Lux Mundi has been supplying the highest quality liquid paraffin in the industry. Our special blend Altar Pure Paraffin insures a smoke and soot free environment. Your walls, ceiling, artwork and furnishings will be safe from smoke damage.

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